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The instructional staff at AC/C TECH consists of individuals who have substantial experience in teaching and helping others. They have worked in the building trades for 10 years or more, or have earned a degree in the trade, or have earned a license in the trade. Some staff members also maintain a professional relationship with other educational institutions and/or governmental agencies. Most importantly, all provide training of the highest quality, encourage cooperation and team work, demonstrate efficiency and productivity, promote good work ethics, and exhibit hard work. Simply stated, this type of guidance in the classroom will have a lifelong effect toward helping students achieve their educational objectives.

This program is designed to help individuals begin a career as a maintenance technician. They will learn details about building maintenance, and, diagnosing and repairing equipment. By the end of the program, they will be able to repair various electrical/mechanical systems found in apartments. Also, they will be able to understand the upkeep and maintenance required at a property in order to maintain its curb appeal, and to ensure that all vacant apartment units are restored to a market ready condition and in a timely manner. Additionally, our students will learn terminology, energy saving tips, technological advancements, tools and test instruments used in the trade, plus more. Graduates will be awarded a Technical Certificate in Apartment Maintenance Technology, and, EPA Technician Certification as approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.


GENERAL ADMISSIONS - There are no admission forms or documentation that needs completing other than completing the course/program registration before attending classes. If a student wishes to transfer credit from another institution, an official transcript from that institution must be provided.

N/A -- Students may enroll anytime.



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