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  • WELD 100 - Welding Fundamentals
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AWS - CWI, CWE or practical experience of not less than two years in the major area they are assigned to teach and professional licensure or industry-recognized certification in the field.

This course provides students instruction in the fundamentals of welding. Labs are offered which provide ample time for our students to develop their welding skills utilizing a virtual welding simulator and welding machines. Students will learn the proper AWS standard welding terms and definitions and to understand how to interpret Weld Procedure Specifications (WPS's) and their purpose. Students will be taught the five major welding joints, the difference between a good weld and a bad weld and how to determine and identify weld defects and discontinuities.Students will be instructed in welding safety, potential welding hazards and the necessity of proper PPE.


There are no prerequisites required to take this course. This is the very basic course needed to begin your path to a career in welding. As with any course, you would need to have basic reading, writing and math skills.

Applications are accepted at any time. We are continuously forming new classes.



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