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The instructors we are using all have a minimum of an Associates Degree. But more importantly, our instructors have a minimum of 45 years in industrial maintenance expreience and teaching. Our instructors have all interviewed and were tested by representative of the JBMC. The JBMC made recommendations on who to hire, and that is who we hired. This goes along with the demand-driven, employer-led model we have developed at John Jay Center for Learning.
This program that prepares individuals to apply technical knowledge and skills to navigate automation and robotics in a manufacturing plant. Students will learn about HMIs, basic and advanced animation and machine integration. Students will also learn industrial networking, servo motion, vision systems aswell as troubleshooting. Students will have the opportunity to program a variety of Motoman and Fanuc robots.
We accept interested students as they come. If students need help or remediation to get through the SkillsTrac program, John Jay also houses the Adult Basic Education program where students can get help.
SkillsTrac is a unique program that is completely compentacy based with students entering and exiting the program at their own pace. With this said, we will accept new students on a daily basis. The compentacy based program was developed with working adults in mind.


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