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  • Bachelor of Science Health Information Management
Indiana Institute Of Technology
Indiana Institute Of Technology
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Graduate Degree or Equivalent Experience

Health information management is essential for successful patient care.  That’s why health information management is one of the fastest growing career fields today. Health employers of every description are seeking skilled professionals who can effectively manage and analyze health care data.

Program Learning Outcomes

Health Information Management graduates will successfully demonstrate the following outcomes

  1. Ability to construct and maintain standardization of data dictionaries to meet the needs of the enterprise.
  2. Ability to collaborate in the design & implementation of risk assessment, contingency planning, and data recovery procedures.
  3. Ability to analyze clinical data to identify trends that demonstrate quality, safety, and effectiveness of healthcare.
  4. Ability to manage the use of clinical data required by various payment and reimbursement systems.
  5. Ability to determine processes for compliance with current laws and standards related to health information initiatives and revenue cycle.
  6. Ability to perform cost-benefit analysis for resource planning and allocation.
High School Diploma or Equivalent

High School Diploma or Equivalent

Rolling Admissions



  • 100
    • 10
    • 0
    • 90
  • Evening,Weekend,Online
  • 4 year(s)
  • 120 academic credit hours
  • 100%

Financial Information

    • $47880.00
    • Yes

Financial Aid

Financial Aid:

  • Federal Gift Aid (Pell Grant)
  • Federal Student Loan (Stafford)
  • G. I. Bill
  • Institutional Gift Aid (Grants and Scholarships)
  • Local Gift Aid (Grants and Scholarships)
  • State Financial Aid (Grants and Scholarships)
  • Work Study Programs
  • No
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