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By definition, psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes.Psychology is a dynamic and vibrant area of study, and many students are drawn to it because it allows the opportunity to explore and understand human nature and also to explore and understand the self. The study of psychology contains a myriad of topics that include but are not limited to Human Development across the lifespan from conception to death and the dying process:the impact of Sensation and Perception on influencing how we experience the world; impact of the unconscious on conscious processes which influence our thoughts and behaviors on a regular basis; memory and Intelligence, that are critical to how individuals learn and process new information; personality development that helps us understand why people have certain behavioral temperament like being introverted or extroverted and the Human Brain and physiological causes of emotions and behavior; social influences on human behavior and how our behaviors are often influenced by being in public versus being in private; and Psychological disorders and causes and symptoms of mental illnesses. The primary focus of the psychology program at Indiana Tech is to provide the foundation for an entry level practitioner-oriented career. The specific goals of the program are: Demonstrate an understanding and comprehension of major concepts, theoretical perspectives, empirical findings and historical trends in psychology and the ability to apply them to contemporary problems in society. Illustrate relevancy of using scientific inquiry and critical thinking skills via psychological information literacy and scientific writing while being ethically responsible. Apply psychological content to professional situations and other applied formats while displaying evidence of identification of psychology as a profession.

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