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Program faculty comes from a wide range of technology background programming, software development, IT infrastructure, product development managers and many arenas and all have real world experience for many years of software development and have worked in software development organizations.

The Unity certification is an entry-level credential that allow individuals to get started in interactive content creation for industries such as gaming, entertainment, automotive, AEC, and XR. Unity certification helps employers and institutions verify a candidate’s knowledge and skills using Unity technology to succeed in these industries. Whether it’s a desire to create games and apps or build new worlds in AR/VR, Unity Certified User certification is the place to start. This program also includes a basic IT certification that is fundamental in the understanding of the basics required to support an IT environment in the Unity softare development discipline.


All programs are open to those who can benefit from the training offered by Hope Training Academy. Prospective students are invited to visit the school orientation and discuss their training needs, career goals and objectives with our staff. A student's ability to benefit from specific courses is determined by interviewing and assessment testing.

Application deadline is one week prior to the start of each class session.



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