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  • Certified Online Customer Service Business Professional
Indiana Wesleyan University North Campus
Hope Training Academy, DBA Video Game Palooza
3777 Priority Way S Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46240
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Instructors hold this certification or comparable industry experience in business

The Online Business Customer Service Certification provides the foundation for quality customer service and focuses on building life-long customer relationships by developing effective customer-care strategies. The Customer Service Certification module provides guidelines for emerging technologies such as Internet Chat. Additionally, this module uses various hands-on and interactive scenarios to develop the foundation customer care skills needed to provide excellence in service. In addition to the certification, students will also be taken through an experiential learning experience in setting up their own online business via a popular online platform. In this experiential learning project they will apply the skills learned in customer service via their own online store proiding excellent learning environment to put the newly learned skills in practice. The reason for the additional time and materials for this certification is for setting up an online store, sourcing products to an online marketplace and setting up basic selling and customer service procedures in a business.


Application deadline is one week prior to the start of each class session.



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  • Day,Evening,Online
  • 8 week(s)
  • 100 instructional hour(s)
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  • 90%

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