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Aviation Institute of Maintenance
Aviation Institute of Maintenance
7251 W McCarty Street
Indianapolis, IN 46241
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3 years relevant work experience

The Maintenance Technician program draws from the core coursework in professional maintenance to focus on the main job-skills of troubleshooting, inspecting, checking, servicing, repairing and fabricating with a continual emphasis on professional work documentation. Students are introduced to electricity, surfaces and controls, transportation structures, power systems, hydraulics, and electrical control systems with additional focused training that will lead to entry in occupations such as welder, industrial pneumatic and hydraulic system maintainer, air conditioning system installer, electric motor and control applications designer, 3-d printer, communication systems specialist, and sustainable energy system technician. The student is additionally guided in following process procedures and ensuring a safe and compliant working environment, as they develop the skills desired of a maintenance professional. The program’s specialized instruction leads to entry in diverse work settings designated as essential within the maintenance industry local to the campus. Targeted by the campus with guidance from employers, these settings include transportation, robotics, commercial buildings, and real estate, large and small engine repair, automotive repair, and many other. All program electives include the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 10 hour general safety online certification.

High School Diploma or Equivalent

Aviation Institute of Maintenance has a class start every five weeks.



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  • 92%

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