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Alliance of Indiana Rural Water
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All classes meet the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) requirements for continuing education for licensed water and wastewater operators. Instructors are a combination of experts with years of training in the water and wastewater industry as well as instructors who hold current operator licenses in the State of Indiana. Instructor bios are available and provided to IDEM for CEU approval for each class.
Job overview once training is completed, this individual should be a good candidate for operations specialist positions at Water or Wastewater Treatment Facilities.These professionals perform activities specific to plant operations, which involve water/wastewater treatment theory and practice, plant equipment operation, maintenance and repair. Good communication skills are essential, as is the ability to work well independently or as part of a team. Job Education Requirements Water/Wastewater Systems Operations Specialist apprentices must complete high school or earn GEDs. Once an apprenticeship starts, the apprentice completes288 hours of technical training and 4,000 hours of on-the-job paid training. After a person has finished an apprenticeship program, he or she is considered a journey worker and can do tasks unsupervised, making this individual able to look for Water/Wastewater Systems Operations Specialist jobs.The State of Indiana requires Systems Operations Specialists to pass an aptitude test and receive licensure.
High School Diploma or Equivalent
These qualification standards, and the score required on any standard for admission to the applicant pool, must be directly related to job performance, as shown by astatistical relationship between the score required for admission to the pool and performance in the apprenticeship program: Apprentices must not be less than 18 year of age. Proof of age is required. A high school diploma, General Educational Development (GED) equivalency or other high school equivalency credential is required. Applicants must submit a DD-214 to verify military training and/or experience if they are a veteran and wish to receive consideration for such training/experience. Applicants will be physically capable of performing the essential functions of the apprenticeship program,with or without a reasonable accommodation, and without posing a direct threat to the health and safety of the individual or others. Apprentices will be required to take and pass a drug screening on acceptance into the program and prior to employment. Pursuant to federal guidance all employees of public water systems must pass a background check. Applicants will be required to pass a qualifying background investigation upon selection into the apprenticeship program and prior to employment. Apprentices must possess a valid state issued vehicle operator license and be insurable at normal commercial rates once acceptance into the program and prior to employment. Apprentices must work at a utility under a licensed operator for the 2 year program.
Apprentices applications are accepted at any time during the year. Apprentices must work at a utility under a licensed operator.Uponcompletion of the hiring process, the apprentice commences the On the Job Training and Related Instruction portion of the apprenticeship.Apprentices are only accepted into the program in January and July of each year.
https://www.inh2o.org/Portals/36/Documents/Refund Policy for Apprentice Training.pdf?ver=2021-03-10-143049-573&timestamp=1615404696903


2 year(s)
288 instructional hours

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