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  • Electrocardiography Technician Certificate (CT)
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A qualified faculty member in Healthcare Specialist meets all three of the following criteria:1. Possesses an earned baccalaureate or higher degree from a regionally accredited institution; and2. Has a minimum of 2 years directly related work experience; and3. Holds certification or licensure in a health care discipline providing care or service directly to patients.CARDCourse Standard:A qualified faculty member teaching CARDmeets the Healthcare Specialist program standard or all three of the following:1. Possesses an earned associates or higher degree from a regionally accredited institution, and2. Has a minimum of 2 years directly related work experience; and3. One of the following:? Possesses current certification as an electrocardiography technician, or? Possesses current Indiana Registered Nurse or Respiratory Care Practitioner license, or? Is a Board Certified Exercise Physiologist? Is a current Indiana licensed Paramedic
The Healthcare Specialist program is also where students who would like to apply for one of the selective programs get started, and get a great foundation in the healthcare industry. Students in this program receive individualized instruction and advising, and individual attention is given to students who are struggling, which make Ivy Tech a well-respected provider of healthcare workers in the community. Students who are admitted to the program will be required to pay for and submit to a criminal background check, drug testing and physical exam. The details and process will be provided at an orientation. Please contact the program faculty for more detailed information. Graduates from the Ivy Tech Healthcare Specialist program are currently working in doctors offices, clinics, hospitals, as well as many other areas.The Healthcare Specialist program works very closely with local hospitals, pharmacies and clinics to be sure our students get the best education possible and the very best jobs possible. The electrocardiography technician program is 18 credit hours (2 semesters). https://drive.google.com/file/d/1trCBTFKzqbiHHDlPzk_5_shdtBX69YAi/preview NOTE: The number of credits required for a degree or certificate is based on students who are program-ready and does not include College Prep courses.
Demonstrate competency with reading and writing through appropriate assessment or successful class completion.
Semester prior to desired start of program specific courses: CARD 205, CARD 206, CARD 208


8 month(s)
18 academic credit hours

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    • Yes

Financial Aid

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Financial Aid:

  • Federal Gift Aid (Pell Grant)
  • Federal Student Loan (Stafford)
  • G. I. Bill
  • Institutional Gift Aid (Grants and Scholarships)
  • Local Gift Aid (Grants and Scholarships)
  • State Financial Aid (Grants and Scholarships)
  • Work Study Programs
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