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  • Clinical Trial Management Boot Camp
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Adjuncts/instructors for these programs must have a minimum of a Master’sdegree to teach an undergraduate course or a graduate course. In some cases, theSchool may determine that the faculty member’s previous career experience ornon-academic credentials are sufficient to qualify him/her to teach at the graduatelevel despite having a non-terminal Master’s degree.

The Clinical Trial Management Certificate Bootcamp gives students the hard skills & industry experience they need, taught by working professionals, to make them more successful in the clinical trial and healthcare economy. Successful students will leave with:

  • An understanding of the fundamentals of Clinical Trial Management
  • Experience with key methods and practices, including:
    • Scientific concepts of research design
    • Ethical and participant safety considerations in clinical research
    • Investigational product development and FDA regulations
    • Good Clinical Practices
    • Clinical study site management
    • Clinical data management
High School Diploma or Equivalent

High School Diploma or Equivalent (HS diploma not formally required).This course is perfect for those who are new to Clinical Trial Management, and particularly for those who have some relevant experience in healthcare, life science, and/or a degree in the life sciences.

None - before class starts. Ideally 1 week before class starts, but can get student through in one day.



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  • Evening,Online
  • 16 week(s)
  • 192 instructional hour(s)
  • 100%

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