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All faculty hold at least a master's degree; many hold doctorates.

Students in the Master of Science with a major in Human Resource Management (MS-HRM) program utilize a biblical framework that guides interactions within the workplace to enhance the realization of human potential, analyze internal and external business environments, and formulate relevant human resource and communication strategies and solutions to ethically fulfill organizational mission, vision, values, and goals. Students will demonstrate a disposition for lifelong learning and continuous improvement. Upon completion of the program, students will be able to: Enhance the realization of human potential in order to fulfill strategic organizational mission, vision, values, and goals. Demonstrate a disposition for lifelong learning and continuous growth. Analyze internal and external business environments and formulate relevant human resource strategies and solutions. Formulate ethical policies and procedures for use in human resource management. Develop appropriate communication strategies to achieve organization goals. Integrate a biblical framework that guides interactions within the workplace.

Bachelor's Degree

A baccalaureate or master's degree from a college or university accredited by a regional accrediting body or by the Association for Biblical Higher Education, verified on official transcripts sent by the institution directly to Indiana Wesleyan University. An undergraduate grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 or higher from the baccalaureate degree-granting institution at which at least a minimum of 30 credit hours was completed. If an applicant's GPA is below 2.5, the student may be admitted on a probationary basis, as established by the guidelines of the DeVoe School of Business.

Online groups start approximately 8times per year, so enrollment is ongoing. Contact an enrollment representative for the next deadline.



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Financial Aid

Financial Aid:

  • Federal Gift Aid (Pell Grant)
  • Federal Student Loan (Stafford)
  • G. I. Bill
  • Institutional Gift Aid (Grants and Scholarships)
  • State Financial Aid (Grants and Scholarships)
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