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  • Associate of Science - Business
Indiana Wesleyan University - Kokomo
Indiana Wesleyan University
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HLC standards: 1) Have a masters degree in the discipline they are teaching, 2) Have a masters degree in another discipline with a minimum of 18 graduate credit hours in the discipline they are teaching, 0r 3) Have a masters degree in another discipline with demonstrated professional experience or professional licensure in the discipline they are teaching.
Students in the Associate of Science with a major in Business will develop foundational business analysis skills, create ethical solutions forbusiness decision-making, and demonstrate effective communication of ideas and facts. Students will integrate information managementskills, a global perspective, and a biblical framework that will guide business and personal interactions. Students will be challenged to grow incharacter, scholarship, and leadership throughout the program.This program provides a fundamental basis for students desiring to continue their education at IWU to complete a bachelors degree in thisdiscipline. The courses contained in this associate program will satisfy 24 hours out of the 30 general education hours required at the bachelorlevel and will also apply toward the 120 hour degree requirement.
High School Diploma or Equivalent
Proof of standard high school diploma or GED certification.NOTE:If you have not yet obtained your Associate degree but already have 36 to 59 credit hours of previous college coursework, IWUs unique Bridgeprogram can allow you to immediately start working towards your Bachelors degree, saving you time and money. Please contact your Program Representative at866-498-4968 for more information.
No deadlines as IWU offers continuous enrollment.


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  • Evening,Weekend,Online
  • 30 month(s)
  • 60 academic credit hours
  • 100%

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