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Trainers must have prior teaching experience and possess the relevant credentials associated with the program. Instrcutors must also go through training on our unique instructional model and exhibit the skills to deliver the program inthat manner.
CodingWorks is a portfolio-driven and certification-based training initiative that prepares entry-level candidates for in-demand software development jobs. Successful trainees will earn the Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer certification issued by the Python Institute. In 2020, Python was ranked as a Top 5 in-demand coding language globally, as it is popular, versatile, and easy-to-use compared to other programming frameworks. Across over 240 hours of intensive, engaging, and team-oriented virtual training, students will not only prepare for this certification, they will also complete up to 10 real-world coding projects that reinforce learning objectives and furthermore build their portfolio for use in post-program job interviews. Students will have access to individualized tutoring and mentoring outside of their virtual class to overcome any learning hurdles. To prepare students to succeed on-the-job as entry-level coders, they will also receive a wide range of other industry-specific training, including effective business communication, team collaboration and productivity tools/platforms, and innovative job search strategies. Students will use these skills to facilitate job opportunities and will leverage the JobWorks employer partner network to open doorways to employment. Training modules include: Python Institutes Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer Certification IT support Fundamentals Business Communication Skills Mind Set Training Modern Job Search Strategies
High School Diploma or Equivalent
Must possess higher level computer skills.
One week prior to program start date.


12 week(s)
248 instructional hour(s)

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    • $118.00
    • Yes

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  • State Financial Aid (Grants and Scholarships)
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