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Because it takes a variety of skills to teach our diverse students, program faculty must meet a variety of standards to join the instructional team. They must be technically proficient (either through 1+ years experiencein the language in which they are teaching, and/or through earning Eleven Fiftys digital badges and completing our trainee program) and they must be pedagogically proficient in the Eleven Fifty Academy Curriculum (either by shadow teaching and/or completing our trainee program). We use a team teaching approach to make sure that each learner has the opportunity to learn in the way they learn best. Workshop instructors are proficient in their subject area through a variety of experience, industry standard certifications, and standard education credentials.Note high standards are maintained by both qualitative and quantitative reveiws.Weekly student surveys allow students to express direct feedback, but also comparisons across cohorts surface anyconcerns about instructional quality of which students my not be aware.
Eleven Fifty Academys User Experience/User Interface Design program prepares learners to design, test, improve, and deploy user interfaces for websites, mobile apps, and desktop applications. This 8 week course utilizes a combination of original Eleven Fifty Academy material, online resources, guest speakers, weekly challenges, plus group and 1-on-1 interaction to prepare students for entry level jobs as User Interface Designers and UX/UI Designers.
High School Diploma or Equivalent
This program is designed for those that have little or no experience with UX/UI. As you move through our Admissions process, attend the Introduction class, we will help you determine if UX/UIand our immersive-learning style is a fit for you.Students must also complete a digital literacy assessment, an information literacy assessment, and a typing test. For students who do not pass the assessments, we provide remediation until they are prepared for the course (assuming they want to eventually enroll).
1 week prior to class beginning


8 week(s)
200 instructional hour(s)

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  • G. I. Bill
  • Institutional Gift Aid (Grants and Scholarships)
  • Local Gift Aid (Grants and Scholarships)
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