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  • Software Development with .NET Green Badge Program
Eleven Fifty Academy - Downtown Indy
Eleven Fifty Academy
151 W Ohio Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204
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Our staff has earned an Eleven Fifty Academy certificate for completing our 12 week bootcamp and completing our instructor trainee program, and/or has 3 or more years of industry experience.
Our 8-week,Software Development Green Badge bootcamp will give you the knowledge and tools needed to become a successful Microsoft .NET software developer. This bootcamp will provide you with both hard and soft skills necessary for the professional environment.During the first 3weeks, youll focus on the basics of your language. This foundation will prepare you for more advanced projects throughout the course. Well also help you develop a portfolio and learn about life as a coder. During weeks 4-8, you will dive deeper into your language. Projects and labs are designed to give you even more coding experience as you design web applications. During this time, we also encourage peer/pair programming, so students can work with each other to build out their solutions.
High School Diploma or Equivalent
This program is designed for those that have little or no experience with coding. As you move through our Admissions process, attend the Introduction class and complete the prework, we will help you determine if coding and our immersive-learning style is a fit for you.There is up to 20 hours of prework required before starting the class.To be accepted into the program, you will need to do the following: Fill out an Application, Interview with Admissions Coach, Pass the Introduction class or test out of the equivalent. Complete the required prework.
1 week before the start of the program.


8 week(s)
320 instructional hour(s)

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  • Institutional Gift Aid (Grants and Scholarships)
  • Local Gift Aid (Grants and Scholarships)
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