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Surgical Technologist certification
The program meets full-time for 11 months. three trimesters. Classroom lecture or lecture/lab combination for713 contact hours. The clinical portion is completed in the surgery department of several major hospitals for688 contact hours. Students are educated to function effectively in a surgical setting as a surgical technologist, encompassing all the essential competencies defined in the entry-level competencies for surgical technologists. They are also prepared to apply, take, and pass the national certification exam. After completion of the program graduates are qualified to work as surgical technologists. Applicants to the program must have a high school diploma or GED certificate prior to application and enrollment into this Surgical Technology Program
High School Diploma or Equivalent
High school diploma or GED
April 30thof each year
Refund Policy: If you terminate from the program within 3 business days of signing the enrollment agreement, you will be entitled to a full refund of all tuition and registration fees paid. The only money not returned to you is the non-refundable $30 application fee.If you terminate from the program more than three business days after signing the enrolment agreement, some fees are not refundable. To calculate what is refundable, take the total cost of program fees paid each trimester and subtract the $100 program registration fee. The total refundable to you is based on when you terminate from the program. It is determined as follows: 100% refundable if terminated prior to the start of each trimester; 80% if terminated during the first week of each trimester; 60% if terminated during the second week of each trimester; 40% if terminated during the third week of each trimester; and 0% if terminated after the third week of each trimester. Your must notify the program director in writing as soon as possible if you voluntarily terminate from the program. Your termination will become effective immediatedly upon his reciept of the written notice. Eligible fees paid by third parties will be refunded to the third party who paid them. Although failure to attend class is not considered adequate notification of termination your enrollment may automatically be terminated after three consecutive days of absences without notification. If you fail to give the program director notice of termination, any refunds will be based on the last date you attended class.As you can see you may lose a substantial amount of money if you start classes an then decide to terminate. You may still be responsible for paying part or all of the tuition cost, depending on when you terminate.


11 month(s)
1401 instructional hours

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